Ethne- First battle


Darkness is lingering at the edge of the forest,
Black clouds cover the sun, so quiet the east,
Horns blaring deep in the valley, ghosts came upon a small village,
Dark lord is stealing their souls, bodies lie on the ground their faces look aged.

Ethne`s challenge is yet to unveil as he climbs on his dragon and parts to face fear,
He lights up the sky with flames burning bright,
His eyes burn blue fires and his anger grows with each roar,
Down in the dark valley awaits… the Lord of all creatures unseen in the night.

He is merely a  human fighting a ghost, picks up his sword and strikes air…he is lost!
He feels his own soul almost parting the body, a fight proving beyond what he thought,
A deep voice acclaims: Use the fire within, burn darkness away cast a light at each ghost!
He orders his dragons to make walls of fire he chases the ghosts back in the night.

He now knows that a war has begun with the dark,
Ethne knew not how to fight against that,
Yet his powers proved worthy of the seal and the mark,
As fire within burns brighter than sunlight.



This land stained by blood, welcomes his rulers,
Water will wash red, but beneath lay our brothers!
Flames will burn bodies and logs, melt through our steel,
Feelings will cripple tough men, armies will kneel.

A new world created, come this child born in summer,
Keeper of creatures born in volcanoes,
He will soon come of age and lead like his father,
All that breaths fire born from the flames.

His cave just beneath the blanket of clouds,
When dark comes upon us his army will rise,
Creatures of fire will take to the skies,
They`ll battle along men, against evil Gods.

His name cheered across father`s kingdom,
Ethne ruler of dragons , son of King Brom,
His skin was as red as a Dragon`s,
His eyes burning flames.

Women bowed at his presence and thought guilty pleasures,
Men trembled in fear at his voice upon orders,
Children laughed, they saw kindness in him,
Elders saw wisdom in a king they would one day proclaim.

A new day


Woke up this morning, the sun touched my face,
I still feel its warmth… I feel out of place,
Come back down to earth, keep love in your sight
I`m painting with light…a soul that`s too bright.

A dark room is lit by notes of a tune,
A girl in the corner brightens the room,
She plays her piano like each key is hurting the one,
Playing the love notes for couples filling the room.

Tears of her soul could feed us for ages,
We could feel her pain attacking our bodies,
Her pain goes away as we drown in her sorrow,
Playing each note to save us tomorrow.

The city


Frost covered the the fields surrounding the city,
Train howling as it approaches the station,
The sun melts the ice, it steals the attention.
People get ready but not for a party,

Walking the path to liberation,
Headed away from the train and it`s station,
Sound of our shoes get in sync…toc…toc
Pebbled streets lead them to work.

A man braves the cold, takes out his guitar,
Sharing his sound with with this still empty town,
Singing so softly about him and his war,
Lost in the moment he feels like a pawn.

Passing the pub a lady is cleaning,
Cathedral bells are pounding,
City vibrating with love I can feel ,
Perfume shop lady offers a smile fills me with thrill,

Modern architecture blends in with antique sculptures,
Although i`m young I can admire heritage,
Golden clock is hit by the sun,
Brightens the high street, brings all the fun.

The scent of coffee has drawn me closer,
Fresh baked croissants make me surrender,
A painter takes a stand in his corner,
I`m taking pictures of  artists and wonder.

This city welcomed me with pride,
It made me feel at home with just a smile,
Musicians made me spend the day,
I saw the sunset over Chester, day before this Saturday_MG_9269.



I hear the whispers from a far,
Your voice invites me in and it gets loud,
The sound so beautiful attracts the crowd,
Your lyrics fill us all with love in times of war.

Please sing to someone you care for!
Just let your love go past your door,
I found for you a dark and empty room,
A black piano on a stage for you to make it boom.

As dreams get close for you to reach,
Singing your song i dared to teach,
I made your problems mine,
I took away from you…the time.

Made love come true for you,
This song you always knew,
This final verse that ends in “I love you”!
Your tears of joy because you never thought i knew.

knowing you


You act like angels do,
Well, I am one but don`t know you,
You heal so many when you talk,
I heal so many , but I`m not.

I can see you, you dreams,
Each passion, every fear,
I`m reaching out to hold you in my arms,
I am invisible and that is what I fear.

I`m what on earth humans call angels,
I watch and guide, make you alive,
Admiring, writing tales,
So fortunate I get to see you strive.



Left my mind in the past and it got stuck there,
Can`t think straight now, have to find it somewhere,
I wonder how many years I could live without you?
How many have past. What is love without you?

Silence has taken over my brain,
I need memories to live, I feel plain,
Empty inside without you in my mind,
I want you in my heart ,come… please be kind!

As time goes by and you`re still lost,
Meaningless words invaded my thought,
I never felt so focused on things from the past,
You`re finally here, please let yourself caught.

Feeling free, thoughts are expanding,
Candles once faded, are now torches burning,
Our love once lost, lights up the room,
The sound of hearts pounding, reached sonic boom.

Still want more, you take over my body,
Feel blood pumping again,
Love generator, sweet melody,
Touch me, feel love pumping under my skin.

I will live this over and over again,
Writing love with regular ink , no pen and no fame,
Printing raw lyrics straight from my brain,
We dissolve like paper burned by your flame.