This land stained by blood, welcomes his rulers,
Water will wash red, but beneath lay our brothers!
Flames will burn bodies and logs, melt through our steel,
Feelings will cripple tough men, armies will kneel.

A new world created, come this child born in summer,
Keeper of creatures born in volcanoes,
He will soon come of age and lead like his father,
All that breaths fire born from the flames.

His cave just beneath the blanket of clouds,
When dark comes upon us his army will rise,
Creatures of fire will take to the skies,
They`ll battle along men, against evil Gods.

His name cheered across father`s kingdom,
Ethne ruler of dragons , son of King Brom,
His skin was as red as a Dragon`s,
His eyes burning flames.

Women bowed at his presence and thought guilty pleasures,
Men trembled in fear at his voice upon orders,
Children laughed, they saw kindness in him,
Elders saw wisdom in a king they would one day proclaim.